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Based in Shenzhen, China, Bolta Electric (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd, is a company focus on R&D of Latching Relay as well as production and sales of high-tech electronics components.

Companies adhering to the "pursuit of excellence, integrity management" business philosophy, to "quality is the life of enterprise, customer satisfaction is our greatest honor quality policy" as our eternal, with "integrity, responsibility, innovation, team" as the constant pursuit and goal.

Please join hands and work together to enhance the overall competitiveness of the market and welcome a better tomorrow with fruitful business results and profound friendship.

In 2017, Boda Electric launched a new product suitable for small space requirements. The "Xing" series of small-volume relays was creative in reducing the body of the single-phase 90A relay to an amazing 20X20X20mm. About the size of an adult thumb. Such a small volume relay still passes the standard test of UC3 in IEC 62055-31. It is believed that this series of products can provide great help to product structure engineers in responding to increasingly stringent parts volume requirements.


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